Spiritual Gladiator

I am a being of limitless power.  You are a divine creation and entitled to be treated lovingly by others, as well as yourself. Seeing yourself connected to, rather than separated from God, you will feel a greater reference for yourself

When we align our thoughts, emotions, and actions with the highest part of ourselves, we are filled with enthusiasm, energy, and purpose.   The journey is a spiritual one as well as physical.  The path to Authentic Power, aligning your personality with your soul, will cause you to alter things you’re doing and step outside of your comfort zone.  Am I processing my emotions with LOVE and TRUST or FEAR and DOUBT?  I want to acknowledge that I am not all mighty and powerful all the time.  I have fears and vulnerabilities.  I want to locate and challenge the parts of me that judge, criticize, despair, hate, and envy.  How do I change my consciousness to that higher frequency?  I just want to embrace and experience LOVE and LIGHT all the time.  I want to let go of those crippling demons and burdens.  I want to fulfill my personal legend that beats deep down in my soul all while following and obeying the laws of the universe.  

This shoot is about taking a moment of gratitude and appreciation for where we’ve come from, where we are, and where we’re headed.  It’s about sharing platonic intimate moments with the outside world.  We are the furthest thing from perfect, full of sins and flaws.  I am ok with breaking down the walls and letting go.  My poses may not be the most flexible or exciting, but they will show where I am in a practice I just started a few months ago, and show where I need to go.  Don’t think too much and don’t wait too long.  It’s also an evolution over the past couple years.  I love to see the progress.  Don't rush the process, trust the process.  Keep pounding.

Many mornings I say the following prayer to myself to get my day started...

(ROOT) I allow the light to dissolve away ALL fears. Worries. And concerns related to money. Security and safety.  I know that I am perfectly protected in all ways and that all of my needs are met and provided for at every Moment


(SACRAL (lower abdomen) I willingly release all my desires and appetites to the light and allow them to become perfectly aligned with the one beautiful will of my higher self and God. I am harmoniously aligned with the ceaseless flow of supply and love that springs from the golden fountain of light within my center. All of my desires are perfectly balanced, now. 


(Stomach) I release any fears or struggles concerning my power and control to the beautiful healing light within me. I have perfect power and control, now. 

I graciously accept and fearlessly activate all of my power, now. This power, which is the power of oneness with God and all of creation, has pure motivations to love and serve all of life. I create a beautifully loving and harmonious day for myself and all of my interactions with others today come from this place of loving power. 


(Heart) I am willing to release any fears that I have about receiving and giving love, now. I ask my Holy Spirit and light eternal to cleanse away all blocks that keep me from fully enjoying my love. 

I now fully allow myself to give and receive love. I am safe. I am love. I am loved. 


(Throat) I willingly release any blocks to perfect communication to the light, now. I release all fear that would prevent me from lovingly speaking my truth today 

I allow my higher self and Holy Spirit to speak through me today in all my communications. I step back and let spirit lead the way and all of my communications are perfectly ordered and guided. Today, everyone with whom I come in contact benefits from listening to my words. 


(Ears) I am willing to release any fears I may have about hearing the voice of God, my higher self, the Angels, and the divine spiritual realm, now. I am willing to release any unforgiveness I may be holding toward anyone who ever said anything that I heard as a painful statement 

I now clearly hear,accept, and follow the guidance that comes to me for my highest and best good. I work in perfect partnership with the voice of spirit, now and always 


(Third eye) I am willing to release the fear of seeing the future. I am willing to release the fear of seeing the truth

I am safe as I allow my higher self to see the truth. My vision is perfectly ordered and illuminated by love.  


(Crown) I now allow the light of my Holy Spirit to dissolve away all barriers to divine wisdom and guidance. I release all fear listening to my higher self, God, Angels 

I know that I am perfectly safe as I follow my inner spiritual guidance. I allow this guidance to lead me to beautiful opportunities where I share my true nature as a powerful, loving, spiritual being. I listen, I trust, and take guided action. I listen. I trust. I take guided action. I trust. 

I am now free to detach myself from what I used to be.  I am what I am



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Shot on location in Georgetown, Exumas, Bahamas