Under Surveillance

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Well dressed. Well spoken. Well traveled.  Educated. Black. Ambitious.  You are the biggest threat to america. To some, this can be uncomfortable and a sign of danger.  You will be watched and you will be under the microscope.  Just shut the hell up and don't make any sudden moves.  Don't you dare try to raise your level of awareness or raise the bar.  

We don't care how smart you think you are or what you think.  Shut up and keep moving.  Well if you know anything about us then you know this cannot happen, will not happen, and contradicts everything we are about and what we stand for.

It is also 2014 and keeping it real can go wrong easily.  The solution is to find that balance, play your role, and position yourself for that next master move.  All while the eye in the sky keeps a watchful eye out of course.  Be swift and be careful.  May the odds be forever in your favor.


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MODEL: Director of Business Development AYGEMANG CLAY