TheWeeknd | Thursday

Thursday by the Weeknd is an amazing contribution to music.  Move over Watch The Throne and Carter IV, this is the hottest album out right now.  Yeah we said it.  No disrespect to the Legends of Hip-Hop but this album, mixtape, EP, LP whatever you would like to call it allows you to press play and literally get upset once the album is over because it only consists of nine tracks.  While hearing this album, one is not constantly reminded of how much money they don't have or how many women want to sleep with them.  You are only reminded of how dynamic, elegant, precise, and harmonizing this artist is.  We have been trying "GENRE-LIZE" this music but it is not possible at this moment in time.  Its what Tre Songz cannot do, what Miguel attempted to do, what Prince is too disconnected to do, and what The Dream is too commercial to do.  It doesn't hurt that Drake is cosigning neither.  Just press play and keep it on repeat.