Have you ever been tailored? (VIDEO)


It's just different.  It really is.  That invincible feeling of instant credibility is priceless.  Don't cheat yourself, treat yourself to a new beginning, a fresh start.  The feeling of invincibility is indescribable.  Watch the video above and read below:

How does the ordering process work?

1.  CONTACT STYLE CONSULTANT Aygemang Clay 305-720-6016 or email topofthelinetv@gmail.com



Where are the shirt fabrics from?

The shirt fabrics originate from prestigious Italian fabric mills including Vitale Barberis, Guabello, Tessitura Monti, and Thomas Mason

Where do you ship?

We currently ship to the 50 United States

How much for a shirt?

Shirt pricing currently ranges from $99-$169 plus tax, shipping, and customization costs.

How much to customize a shirt?

Shirt customizations range in price from $10-$50 per shirt

Where are the shirts made?

The custom tailored shirts are hand crafted and stitched by the finest tailors in Hong Kong

What is the delivery turnaround time?

Once your order is submitted, expect delivery within 4-6 weeks

Why would I buy a made to measure shirt when I can buy directly from the store?

It’s hard to eat ground beef once you’ve tasted filet mignon

What if my shirt does not fit properly?

Rest assured that our detailed order form takes into consideration all shapes and sizes. We precisely measure 10 body attributes.  Additionally, we ask if you prefer a slim, regular, or loose fitting shirt.  Once measurements are finished, our brilliant tailors will achieve the rest.  Company policy only allows ONE custom shirt to be purchased initially.  Once the shirt is delivered and the customer approves the fit, only then can the customer order additional shirts.  This ensures the integrity and quality of our clientele.