REVOLT MUSIC CONFERENCE 2014 The Revolution will be televised.  The inaugural Revolt Music Conference October 16-19 at Fontainebleu Resort in Miami Beach was a tremendous event celebrating music, television, technology, and business.  REVOLT is a music oriented digital cable television network owned by Sean "Diddy" "Puff Daddy" "Puffy" Combs.  The conference was an anniversary celebration of its launch on October 21, 2013.

The conference featured in depth no nonsense conversations about mainly the music industry, but more importantly a 360 scope of many industries that involve artists.

The conference featured a plethora of highly reputable VIP panelists divulging honest knowledge about their experiences in the industry and the future of the industry.  Bob Pittman, CEO of iHEART radio said "Find something people really want that no one is doing".  Russell Simmons, creator of Def Jam and All Def Digitial, another keynote speaker, was dropping knowledge bombs like Hiroshima.  He stressed the extreme importance of building your brand and managing your brand.  It's important to build your team.  Also, use your platform to build your brand and he stressed not to forget that it isn't a failure until you quit.

Sean Combs addressed the audience with a two hour #askdiddy panel where people could ask him any question they wanted and he answered candidly.  Diddy said one of his favorite quotes is "Don't be afraid to close your eyes and dream, and then open them up and achieve that dream".  He conveyed that the new currency is information and encourages this new digital generation to stop talking.  Put some tape on your mouth and go out there and just do it.

He encouraged the audience to agitate your respective industry and to always be disruptive with the powers that be.  And if you take it a little too far, always remember that "GIFTS WORK".

When it comes to being an artist, Britt Morgan Saks, Artist services of Spotify said, "the cream rises to the top".

The weekend also featured panelists such as LA Reid of Epic Records, Record producer DJ Khaled, Kevin McGurn of Shazam, Timbaland, the Game, Jim Jones, and much more.

Artists such as Jeremih, Travis Scott, and Jhene Aiko performed.

The icing on the cake featured Jimmy Iovine, legendary producer, co-founder/CEO of Beats electronics, the company that just sold to Apple for $3.2 Billion.  His speech was eloquent, profound, and heart felt.  Iovine was the recipeint of the first STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM award by Sean Combs.

The inaugural Revolt Music Conference was a major success and reinforced everything I have been doing and the direction that I have been going.  Long Live Ambition.  Look out world!