Fight The Power


Respect is not given, it is earned. A badge, uniform, or title does not permit one to misuse or abuse their power.  When this happens it is your job to stand up to the authority figures and Fight the Powers that be. Marcus Garvey and Howard Hughes did it and so can you. Even Jesus was accused of sedition. Be that rebel with a cause and oppose the occupation of your inalienable rights when they are being stepped on. Sometimes in defeat there is still victory. Survival and rebellion are what’s important. A judgment against you in the courts is not a judgment against your character or values.  We know what happened.  We wanted the launch of our dress shirt company worse than anyone else.  Unfortunately, the venture has been a bumpy ride.  Sometimes great things take time.  After all this entire project to this point has been funded out of pocket.  It costs to be the boss and its not getting any cheaper.  Think of TOPOFTHELINE.TV as a pro prospect for being a professional athlete.  Although we have a major upside and tons of ability, what would happen if we turned professional too soon?   We would fail in the major leagues.  So we have to make sure we receive the proper instruction and do things the right way before going to market so the consumer and the company benefit from the issue.   Look below to see how we feel about the issue.

Three pocket two button Suit: DKNY
Wide Brim Fedora: Goorin Bros.
Shades: Tom Ford
Tie Bar:
Pocket Square: Banana Republic
Tie: Topman

Model: Director of Business Development Aygemang Clay

Photographer: Carlos Miller The Dirty Lenz Project

Stylist: @linapalacios