FRENCHY's Houston, TX | Restaurant Review

We encourage healthy living, eating, and breathing, however sometimes the urge is too great. Frenchy's original Creole spicing/seasoning is hard to resist. Originating in Southern Louisiana and influenced by the ethnic groups that settled in the great city of New Orleans, the capital of Creole cuisine, Frenchy's keeps the heritage and tastes of French, Caribbean, Spanish, African and Native-American flavors alive. Authentic Creole food is heavily seasoned, with blends of several herbs and spices to delight the palate. Traditional Creole plates almost always include gravies, gumbos, red beans & rice.

Frenchy's is one of the most popular Creole cuisine restaurants in Houston and surrounding areas. From its humble beginnings, Frenchy's has grown to become the hometown favorite for millions of customers over the years, with a full Creole-style menu of sides to accompany the famous, spicy "Frenchy's Chicken" that Houstonians have come to know and love.