The following video shows why Dr. Eric Thomas aka ET THE HIP HOP PREACHER is still my FAVORITE motivational speaker.

He is a high school dropout who got his GED, took 12 years to get his undergraduate degree, obtained his masters degree, and this past spring received his doctorate degree in educational administration from Michigan State University.

He has influenced my life in many ways.  He inspires me to try and give 120 percent every single time I try something, to truly commit and invest in my craft.  People close to me know how important he is to me as a mentor.  I have been listening to his speeches consistently for the past 4 plus years.  ET inspired me to find, locate, and improve my "WHY", the reason for why I do what I do in life as opposed to just going through the motions.  He also helped me realize where I was making excuses in many aspects of my life.  He also shines light on the consistent actions of successful millionaires, things like waking up at 3am and 4am.

In this video the speech takes an unexpected turn when he had to tell a group of students to be quiet several times. Things got intense.  Thomas explains that he gets paid $50,000 to $100,000 to speak to corporate groups.  He was doing this for free to help them and wasn’t going to be interrupted again.

I first heard ET on his famously viral "As Bad As You Wanna Breathe" video 

I also consistently listen to his mixtapes and albums

1.  Blueprint to Success

2. Heart of Detroit

3. Greatness is Upon You

4. Dr. Thomas

For more about ET, please visit his website