City Slicker


It’s the classic case of Country mouse vs. City mouse. Who moved my cheese you ask? There is no problem with soaking up the sun of South Florida but everyone needs a change of pace sometime. Take notice of the recent fashion ambition adventures of TOPOFTHELINE.TV as it navigated itself through the trendy location of New York City’s Meatpacking district.  The excursion began with dinner at Buddakan, an Asian Fusion restaurant located at Chelsea Market, the heart of the Meatpacking District.

After an outstanding dinner, we wandered to the swanky hotel THE STANDARD.  While entering the elevator, we were not prepared for the following video titled “CIVILIZATION” by Marco Brambilla.  As you ascend the elevator the video takes you from HELL to HEAVEN and as you descend the video takes you from HEAVEN to HELL.  Marco Brambilla also directed the Kanye West “POWER” video.

Model: Director of Business Development Aygemang Clay

Photographer: Lauren Cowart Photography

Stylist: Lina Palacios @linapalacios