All Day Denim | Men's Fashion

One shirt? No Problem. Watch closely as we take you through three distinct nearly effortless looks for three entirely different occasions.  

First Look: Casual Day-wear

This look was put together with a casual errand day in mind. Comfortable, easy, but still stylish which allows you to end up at a Pool Party,Bbq, or Spring Regatta

Shirt: H&M $30 Shorts: Kenneth Cole $30 Sneakers: Vans $42 Cap: Jcrew $24 PocketSquare: Macy's $10

Second Look: Night Life

This look can easily get you through a spontaneous Dinner at Texas de Brazil, A midnight gambling spree in Vegas at the Cosmo, or a late night affair at Club Mansion Miami.

Shirt: H&M $30 Jeans: BDG $59 Belt: Clarks $30 Shoes: Clarks $100

Third Look: City Meeting

Be neatly suited for the next boardroom triumph, courtside tickets for the Miami Heat vs LA Lakers NBA Finals game, or Make-a-Wish Foundation Gala.

Shirt: H&M $30 Suit: Perry Ellis (City Fit) $245 Tie: Calvin Klein $49 Shoes: Kenneth Cole $199 Fedora: Peter Grimm $40

Stylist: @linapalacios

Model: Director of Business Development Aygemang Clay